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Writer: Shugufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Produced By: MD Productions


Aatish still holds onto the previous episode with one major development. Today’s episode still circled around Shehryar’s (Azfar Rehman) battle for his life as doctors take him for a life deciding surgery with little hope for survival. The family like all staunch believers have faith in Almighty no matter what.  The episode kicks off with Asma crying and worrying to death for Shehryar. The star of that scene is actually the child, Haadi whose facial expressions have the right blend of all sentiments that the director wants to take out of him.


Afzar Rehman as Shehreyar


The characters keep holding on to the same despair and worry with Ama bi finding out the truth about Shehryar’s condition. Short clips of instances when Shehryar was around seem to haunt all the family members. As the episode is a repetition of the previous so the interesting features are the amazing lighting in the scenes where Asma is shown crying and praying. Moreover, Hina Altaf’s eastern look with minimum makeup is accentuated with an everyday braid to bring out her character.


Hina Altaf as Asma


Later in the 1-hour period we see Sumbal (Anum Gohar) coming to stay over at her in laws to be’s residence. It is remarkable to see Anum do the achi larki’s act after previously throwing tantrums. Surprisingly her facial features adapt to both character requirements well. She is soft and kind and only wants to make space for herself in the house before finally becoming Shehryar’s wife.



Anum Gohar as Sumbal


While Asma is upset and falls ill. Upon a doctor’s visit it turns out to be a good and bad news at the same time. she is expecting. She cannot tell anyone right now but the fingers that Ana bi is pointing are killing her inside. Over all these two episodes have been a test of Asma’s acting skilss which she aced by repeating the same emotional acts each with a different message for the audience.


With problems all around Asma and Shehryar’s new marriage Naila Bhabi (Madiha Rizvi) finds out about Asma’s pregnancy making it today’s as all jaws drop. What qayamat is about to come? Surely next episode will unfold our answers.



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