Critic Rating

Writer: Shugufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Produced By: MD Productions

Every Monday Aatish takes us through the troubled journey of love, a fire that burns within. Love tangled between social and class differences of Asma (Hina Altaf) and Shehryar (Azfar Rehman) wanders land of unacceptance and despise by the family, but beats and burns within the hearts. Starring the young and expressive HIna Altaf paired with the model turned actor Azfar Rehman, the drama continues to win hearts with a passionate on-screen chemistry between the two.


With the opening scene Shehryar hands Asma the Nikah nama telling her to stay strong right before he leaves is the first move. The director Saima Waseem creates space to prepare the audience for the impact with pre-meditated scenes.


With Shehryar away Nazia Bhaabi has threatened Asma with direct warning to leave her sister’s fiancée alone. As no sympathies hail when blood relations are involved. Shortly after Shehryar’s departure news of his accident arrive making the right impact the makers wanted. The episode then takes tipsy turvy turns around as the family buckles under emotional distress and Asma has to put her own hand on her bleeding heart. After this Asma gets flashbacks and believes Shehryar had already told her about the future. This feels like a realistic way to depict the effect of  trauma.




Ama jee’s character has been really set aback today as it is quite obvious, she knows Shehryar is definitely not okay despite his son’s false assurances but still decides to stay unaware.  While excellent choreography in this one scene where Ama bi is the voice while Asma is the face as she prays shows amazing effort to create dimensions in presentation when repeated emotional scenes are involved in one episode.

Hina also deserves a hand here displaying heart wrenching emotions one after another particularly when she breaks down with loud cries echoing behind. Shehryar still hangs between life and death. Keep the suspense radars active and alert to find out whether the fire of love can bring him back or not!


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