Critic Rating

Script Writer: Shagufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Production House: MD Productions

Wow! What a twist has come in the story all of a sudden. Rather we can say it a double twist which has not only made the story alive and interesting again but also exposed the hidden love of Sherry (Azfar Rehman) for Asma (Hina Altaf).

Sumbal (Anum Gohar) has revealed to Nazia api (Madiha Rizvi) that Sherry likes a girl named Asma and won’t marry someone else. This thing is quite unbearable for Nazia that Sherry is preferring Asma over Sumbal. How an ordinary parentless servant can become the wife of a boy like Sherry. It would be a defeat for her in the eyes of in-laws. That’s why she has come back to Karachi for doing something immediately. She has given the idea to Noreen apa how to do away with Asma.

This thing is yet to be disclosed upon Saad (Aqeel Abbas) that Sherry has a love affair with Asma. He has a soft corner in his heart for her, that is why he resisted when Noreen apa (Saba Hameed) put the theft allegation on Asma and called the police.

The missingness of her kangan was a perfect excuse for Noreen apa to throw Asma out of the home. So, she tried hard to take the full advantage of that excuse but Saad didn’t let her do that. He intervened rightly and also Sherry also came home at the same time. Now it has become obligatory for Sherry to take a firm step and clearly tell his family that he wants to marry Asma either. Otherwise, he must leave her alone so that she can be able to think of her future and life beyond Sherry and a painful romance. Life does exist beyond romance and marriage.

Surprisingly, no one is considering the fault of Sherry, everyone thinks that Asma is at fault. Even anna bee (Rehana Akhtar) and ammi jaan (Azra Mansoor) too think so. Unluckily, Asma has no friend like Sherry has, to cry on her shoulder and share her pains with. If she too had a friend, things would have been a little easy for the poor girl. No one is there to understand her feelings and the dilemma she is going through.

We saw good dialogues between Noreen apa and Nazia: “She took away your kangan as well as the son”. “Now she will return my kangan and son also. She doesn’t know who she is dealing with”.

One thing is yet to come to the surface that Asma has not attended the academy for a single day because of Sherry. At the moment, she is in a real trouble. If she leaves the home as asked by Noreen apa, she will be an isolated, shelter-less, and abandoned girl. Let’s hope for a way out for Asma in the next episode.


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