Critic Rating

Written by: Shagufta Bhatti

Directed by: Saima Waseem

Production House: MD Productions

This episode has been the continuation of the drama created by Sheheryar (Azfar Rehman) for Asma (Hina Altaf). He wants court marriage, Asma is reluctant to. Her hesitation in accepting this idea is very right, being a female. She is well aware of the consequences of this. If Sheyeryar is so madly in love with her, he must have to have the willingness of his mother (Saba Hameed) and family. Ammi jaan (Azra Mansoor) has seen Asma while getting out of the car whereas she was supposed to come home on the rickshaw.

Not a single day she attended the academy. The elder lady of the family and also Anna bee (Rehana Akhter) have successfully guessed that something is going pretty wrong. Asma is lying to them but very soon her lies will be open. Anyone can easily imagine what will happen then. In our society, problems are for females only. Honor is a thing that is spoiled due to the mistake of female only. But males have all types of liberties, from dating with a girl to doing court marriage. This is the difference between treating a girl and a boy.

Anna bee is a very common type of woman who finds marrying a girl as the solution of all problems. Whether she is happy or not, doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t she understand that the engagement of Asma has broken a short while ago?

Apparently, Sheheryar is the hero of the story but so far, the dignity and character are concerned, he is totally a zero. The family doesn’t know that he has come to Karachi. He has no courage to go face to face with his mother and family to admit that he loves Asma and wants to marry her. Quite contrary, he has got the respect of Asma on stake just for the sake of momentary romance. Why the hell he doesn’t know that this transitory phase is only going to harm the respect of his love lady. He thinks that after court marriage he will move to America and prepare the documents of Asma to bring her there. It is not that much easy.

Asma, however, has shown resistance to the court marriage plan. She has the nerve to prefer the honor of herself and family over love. Whatever is going on, the consequences will not be in the favor of both Asma and Sheheryar. Nevertheless, Sumbal (Anam Gohar) is going to reveal in the next episode why she refused to marry Sheheryar. This will create new conflicts for both the lovebirds and eventually Asma will have to be suffered.

Shagufta Bhatti as well as Saima Waseem, the director, has chosen a very stereotype story. Technically, the drama has been handled in a good manner but on creative grounds, things are going in a common and normal way so far. Let’s hope for a big event that can turn the story to a new side.


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