Critic Rating

Written by: Shagufta Bhatti

Directed by: Saima Waseem

Production House: MD Productions

After the refusal of marrying Sheheryar to Asma by Noreen Apa, the new development in the story is now more interesting. Sheheryar has come back to Karachi from Lahore after the marriage of his brother. And he has got succeeded in preparing Asma to talk to him. However, a few questions are very much there.

When did Sheheryar come back to Karachi, it was not at all established. All of sudden, we saw him in Karachi. How did he come to know that Asma needs a rickshaw for going academy? Has he possessed such a powerful intuition? How he managed for a rickshaw that too on the exact time? Is not it a very fictional type of coincidence? There has been an absent link between the events which created a feeling of missing something.

Why he had to cover his face from Asma? He is so daring that he can take a sort of kidnapping step, but he can’t make things differently. There are many ways to meet a girl outside. Also, he was unable to refuse to marry Sumbal before his mother. There too he had to take the support of Sumbal’s shoulder to fire the shot. If he is madly in love with Asma, then he should have the courage to make things happen by his own self.

Asma is also a weak girl by heart. She knows just one thing that she can’t live without Sheheryar. Why doesn’t she pay attention to her studies and future? Is there nothing else in the world except romance and marriage?? She knows very well her status in the family she is living with, even then she doesn’t think to make a strong future for herself. A future where she can have a life partner much better than Sheheryar. If she had a practical thinking for herself, her character must have been a powerful one and impactful. But her character is deprived and oppressed like a common and traditional parentless girl. In a dialogue, she says that she will forget Sheheryar but she is nowhere near forgetting him.

Saima Waseem is a female herself, so she should give us the character of a brave, courageous, and practical girl. Hina Altaf is playing a role which is totally opposite to the role of Zaibo in Udaari. However, we must praise her acting skills that she is fully fit in the character of Asma like of Zaibo.

Drone shots of Karachi and Lahore were good. Shopping scene of Sheheryar and Sumbal was missing, established through dialogues only. The incorporation of OST to register the feeling of both lead characters was good. In the coming episode, things are going to get worse for both Sheheryar and Asma as he wants to do court marriage. He surely doesn’t know the consequences of this decision on the life of Asma. Let’s wait and see what happens next.


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