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Writer: Shagufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Producer: MD Productions

The latest episode of “Aatish” started with Shehryar’s confession of his love for Asma before his family and saying that it is Asma he wishes to marry. It is taken as a joke initially but when everyone observes Shehryar’s seriousness, they grow a bit concerned and reserved. Maria’s mother continues to insult Asma and Sheryar’s mother degrades her by giving her a ring and calling it a “sadqa”, also making it clear that she won’t ever marry her son to Asma. She tells the same to Shehryar who shows stubbornness first but later on shows submission when it is decided that during Salaar’s walima in Lahore, a girl for Shehryar will also be found. Telling Asma that it is difficult for them to be one, Shehryar leaves for Lahore alongwith other family members to Asma’s disappointment who grows sad after he is gone. But that results in Nani Amma thinking that Asma might have convinced Shehryar for all of this and that is why she is sad after his departure.

What makes “Aatish” interesting is that it takes one idea for each episode and revolves the whole episode around that idea. This episode was based on Shehryar’s confession and the other scenes were but extensions of it, incorporating the family members’ reactions, Asma’s feelings, Shehryar’s take on his family’s response and Nani Amma’s opinions and beliefs. Chunks of sweet, humorous scenes are also found, at times between Shehryar and his friend and at times between Sheryar and Nani.

The acting of everyone is convincing and no performer seems to be lacking anywhere. One idea, however, that got established in this episode was that it is only Shehryar and Asma who matter the most, while the other characters only act as helpers in creating situations. There were only two scenes of Salaar and Maria, one setting the stage for another insult hurled at Asma, and the other scene was of no importance at all. Its deletion would have made no difference. But a decent direction and good acting help in making those scenes watchable.

What keeps us await for the coming episodes is Shehryar’s decision. Will he really forget Asma as he said he will, or will he try to convince his mother, as was visible in his expressions in the last scene? What will Mamoo, the only person who doesn’t know yet, do after getting to know that Shehryar loves Asma.

This episode repeatedly gave a message about our hypocrisies as a nation; we do respect people on a superficial level and make them feel that they are our equals, but when it comes to proving it, we show a superior attitude and fail to present ourselves as considerate and humble in the real sense of the words.


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