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Directed by Saima Waseem and written by Shagufta Bhatti: writer of popular drama “Bay Dardi”. “Aatish” is a HUM TV serial casting Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman in the leading roles.

The 5th episode of “Aatish” showed Sheryar’s (Azfar Rehman) growing audacity in the expression of his love for Asma (Hina Altaf), for he not only stopped her in the way and held her hand many a times in the episode, but also openly confessed before Asma that he loves her, but only to Asma’s disappointment, for repeated insults by Maria’s (Beenish Raja) mother related to her class and caliber have inculcated the idea into her mind that she has no worth and that no educated or wealthy man will ever cross her path.

The two important incidents of this episode were Salaar’s Nikah which turns into a proper wedding since he expresses the wish that he does not want his wife to spend a year’s time in isolation, and Shehryar’s mother (Saba Hameed) receiving hints about her son’s love for Asma. However, she is ignoring it only so that the wedding of one of her sons may pass in peace without any chaos.

The episode created some hope for Asma, for repeated verbal abuse from everyone had completely disappointed her. Shehryar’s love, however, coupled with his brave and bold personality might help Asma in finding a way out. But one thing is definite that in this pursuit of love, both of them will come across unimaginable hurdles, especially Asma who is an easy target for wealthy mothers who think that their sons get trapped by middle class girls. This is also the reason behind Asma trying her best to avoid Shehryar, for she knows that eventually, it is her character which will be pointed at.


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