Critic Rating

Script Writer: Shagufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Production House: MD Production

The episode started showing Ami Jaan (Azra Mansoor) guiding Nasreen (Saba Hameed) to not panic as the situation is not what she is assuming. On the other hand, Shehryar (Azfar Rehman) gifts a mobile phone to Asma (Hina Altaf) and tells her that he has gotten his dream job and is about to leave for America in a week. The episode ends up showing scenarios turning against Asma as Nazia (Madiha Rizvi) blames Asma for her mother’s death and her sister’s miserable condition.

Aatish is a story of two young lovers belonging to different classes and backgrounds. This serial highlights class discrimination in Pakistani society and how it affects the lives of people and makes them miserable. It has also bought the hypocrite behaviors of the society into limelight showing that apparently people confess servants to be a part of their families but in reality, they consider them low class and mistreat them on the basis of their ranks.

They never give them respect in its real sense. Aatish has beautifully portrayed the problems of underprivileged people giving a great message to the audience to be kind to them after all they are also human beings as we are.

Today’s episode had a flaw regarding Noureen’s makeover in the scene where she comes for consolation at Nazia’s place her dress was not according to the situation moreover she was in makeup and was wearing a very bright colored nail paint.  Otherwise, it was a nice episode with some really heartfelt, light and romantic scenes between Asma and Shehryar.

As far as the performances are concerned each actor in the serial is performing really well. Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf have a good on-screen chemistry and are portraying their characters with complete Asma honesty. Senior actress Azra Mansoor is also playing very well.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot of suspense for the audience. What will be done with Asma in Shehryar’s absence? Will Noureen make Shehryar marry to Sumbal or Shehryar will stick to his commitments with Asma?

A story highlighting societal issues, powerful direction, nicely written script and strong performances make Aatish an attention grabber for the audience.


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