Critic Rating

Script Writer: Shagufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Production House: MD Productions

What a twist in the story! This episode has revolutionized the scenario by uniting Asma (Hina Altaf) and Shehryar (Azfar Rehman) in a valid relationship called “Nikah”. Everyone in the house is unaware of this new relationship and tries to search for Asma but couldn’t find her anywhere. Noureen (Saba Hameed) misconceived that she might have left the house after all the disgrace but then Saad (Aqeel Abbas) finds Asma sitting alone in the backyard and crying. Next morning Zulekha (maid) get to find Noureen’s gold bangle while cleaning the room she gives it to (Madiha Rizvi) but Nazia tells the maid to not inform Ammi Jaan (Azra Mansoor) fortunately Saad comes to hear her conversation and takes the bangle and return it to Noureen and makes the situation clear. Shehryar finds a job and is returning to New York he has purchased a gold chain for Asma. The episode ends at an interesting note when Noureen sees that chain in Shehryar’s pocket.

Aatish is an intense love story which highlights class discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of class is basically the name of ‘imbalance’ in the smooth sailing of any society, which creates many problems, particularly for downtrodden people. This sought of class Discrimination has become a common trend in our society and exists in various forms. People who have established a high position in society by means of their wealth do not even consider the poor, human beings because they consider themselves superior to them. They behave with downtrodden class in a humiliating way. This social evil is gearing up a wide gulf between people and is producing hatred in their hearts. This disgusting behavior of the rich with the poor has been showcased in drama serial Aatish which revolves around two characters Asma an ordinary maid and Shehryar an American nationality holder, rich, educated and a well-settled young guy.

The serial is nicely directed and has a powerful script. As far as the performances are concerned each actor in the serial is performing really well. Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf have a good on-screen chemistry and are portraying their characters with complete honesty. Senior actress Azra Mansoor is also playing very well. Asma’s dresses are carefully chosen to depict class difference.  Drone shot is repeated several times in every single episode which is no more a sense of joy.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot more. How will the family react after knowing about Asma and Shehryar’s nikah? Will Noureen bend in front of his Son’s will or she would stand in opposition? what will be the future of Asma and Shehryar’s relationship?

A good storyline, powerful direction, and great cast make Aatish viewers’ choice.


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