Aangan’s colourful characters make us realize how beautiful the fashion was in the 90s. As we see Marwa Hocane, Sajjal Aly, Soniya Hussain and several others adorn the costumes and attires of the 90s, we cant help but get attracted. The drama looks gorgeous. The setting of this drama, along with the costumes and jewelry of the ladies makes us go gaga over the drama. In addition Ahsan Khan and Ahad Raza Mir appear very charming in the 80s-90’s attire. Hum released several enchanting teasers which kept the audience pacing in anticipation. We then saw the captivating posters of this drama featuring Sajjal Aly and Marwa Hocane, both of whom looked mesmerizing. The stellar cast of this drama, includes all seasoned actors. The actors have shown a lot of potential in the teasers!



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Now Hum Tv, has released the OST of this drama. The OST is a traditional melody seeking matrimony. The lyrics talk about celebrating the event of engagement and marrying the boy to a girl. The song is a celebration of our cultural and traditional values. It talks about not wanting ‘Jahaiz’ but comically says that the boy should not be without wealth either. A very fitting OST to a colorful drama. The drama is all set to air on Hum Tv from 13th December.


Watch the OST here:


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