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Written by: Mustafa Afridi

Directed by: Mohammed Ehteshamuddin

Produced by: Momina Duraid Productions

With a drastic change in the pace of the writing, this week’s episode of Aangan incited emotions in all of us through the sudden death of a major character. Salma is played beautifully by Sonya Hussain. She is shown to be happy but extremely sick in her marriage to Subhan (Ahsan Khan). Sadly, she dies after giving birth to a baby boy.

Ahsan Khan as Subhan holds his baby for the first time.

Simultaneously, the patriarch of the house Muzaffar(Abid Ali) has a change of heart and decides to turn his life around by expelling his illegitimate families from their respective houses! Ama Jaan manages to bring those illegitimate children in their house on the pretext that they are their blood. Two of the three boys pass away soon after, however at this point in time, the two timelines converge and the family finds out about Salma passing away, causing an emotional havoc upon the family.

Soniya Hussain as Salma

There were so many scenes in this episode that stood out and were brilliantly directed. Firstly, the scene in which Ama Jaan sings a lullaby while remembering Salma was extremely melancholic. Everything in that scene from the music to the song itself and to the hazy memories of Salma running through Ama Jaan’s head came together perfectly and created that sense of loss and sadness. Another scene that invoked similar emotions was when the house is delivered the news of Salma’s death. Ama Jaan running around the corridors of the house screaming about the death of her daughter was so extremely emotional that we could not help but cry.

Despite the obvious flaws in Ama Jaan’s logic, where she chooses to blame everyone around her for the problems instead of accepting her part in them, this episode she truly became memorable as a character. Her attachment to her daughter despite the divide created between them was a surprise, to be honest. Even when Salma breathes her last breath, Ama Jaan is shown to be awake and restless, a mother so interlinked with her flesh and blood that she could sense when one was in trouble. Zaib Rehman must be given her due props for such a staggeringly poignant performance.

Zaib Rehman gave a brilliant performance as Ama Jaan depicting a mother’s love!

Alongside such emotional events, we also see the return of one of the sons, Azhar(Mustafa Afridi) who is shown to be sympathetic to his father. On the other hand, a softer side of Mazhar is established when he goes to visit his dying sister and even attempts to fix the divide between father and daughter. However, the roles of these brothers did not create much of an impression on us nor did the characters of their wives. While they are shown quite a lot this episode, their personalities are bland and in the end don’t make a lasting impact. It is characters like that of Salma’s or Ama Jaan who were the prominent aspect of this episode.

Salma’s death showed how the dynamics of the household changed, but her story is far from over. We are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of next week’s episode, especially with the introduction of the characters of Chammi and Jameel shown in the previews. Overall, Aangan has been a visually stunning drama with well-written dialogues and captivating characters.

Sajjal Aly as Chammi
Sajjal Aly as Chammi

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