Movies are made for the audience so it is only fair to rely on the audience’s opinion of the film to some extent as well. IMDB has top 250 movies list as per user’s ratings. The list includes movies from various countries.

The criteria of the list follows a formula which includes the number of ratings each movie received from users, and value of ratings received from regular users.To be included in the list, a movie must receive ratings from at least 25000 users.

While Shawshank Redemption has the top spot there are a few Bollywood movies that have made the list.

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The first one to make it to the list was Aamir Khan’s Dangal which is at the number 82. The movie is about a former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two wrestler daughters struggle towards glory at the Commonwealth Games in the face of societal oppression.


Dangal is followed by another Aamir Khan starrer Taray Zameen Par which is at number 84. The film has an extremely heartwarming story of a Dyslexic child. While the first two were serious movies, the super hit comedy film, Three Idiots comes at number 86. Interestingly enough there is another Aamir Khan film that is a little below in the list. Coming in at 214 is Rang De Basanti. All four movies had strong content leading to the immense likability of the films.

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Other than the four Aamir Khan movies, there are three other Bollywood movies like Andhadhun at 124, Ajay Devgan starrer Drishyam at 240 and Gangs of Wasseypur at 242.

Aamir is known to be a perfectionist of the industry and surely his perfection is what makes his movies stand out. It is phenomenal to see four movies of the same actor to make it in the top 250. This is truly a rare sighting! This is further a testament to his star power as a major Bollywood Khan!

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