Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan to star in biopics?

The intentionally acclaimed superstar Aamir Khan previously said that he will be announcing his next big project within a month! Three months after Thugs of Hindostan’s fiasco, the actor is ready to jump back on his feet. The hugely successful and talented actor said that he is considering two good scripts and will soon finalize one. Aamir Khan also hinted that his next project would require him to appear lean. Mr perfectionist has been working out to don a slim physique for what is expected to be a biopic on “Gulshan Kumar”.

Aamir Khan and Gulshan Kumar

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Reportedly, Aamir Khan walked out of this project when the film’s director Subhash Kapoor was accused in the #MeToo movement. According to CineBlitz, the director has been made to exit and Aamir Khan has been roped back in. Gulshan Kumar’s son Bhushan Kumar believe that only Aamir Khan can do justice to his father’s role and is reportedly insistent about Aamir Khan playing the role. In fact Aamir Khan is also looking forward to essaying this role and he has already started working towards attaining Gulshan Kumar’s lean figure. The two are now on the lookout for a capable director while the casting of the film has also began!

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Aamir Khan’s next promising project is already in the works and we are surely excited. The actor is expected to share the good news with us very soon through an official announcement himself!

Shahrukh Khan and Sahir Ludhiavi

In addition, another superstar likely to take up a biopic is Shahrukh Khan! Shahrukh Khan is currently reading about 10 scripts to choose his next venture! One of these is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film based on Sahir Ludhiavi. Looks like, these superstars are relying on biopics in a bid to bring good quality content to the big screen. Well rightly so! As Sahir Ludhiavi and Gulshan Kumar surely deserve a tribute and who better than these two superstars can pay the homage. Here’s to hoping they soon finalize the biopics!

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