Drama in Pakistan has evolved a lot over time, where the very portrayal of a household has changed. In addition, the themes and dialogues have also gone through some major changes. The privatization of channels and evolving themes have changed the entire discourse of Pakistani Drama.

  • Old but Not Forgotten

Back in the days, PTV was the only agency of delivering thought through entertainment in Pakistan. The Dramas were made addressing social issues and keeping in view the audience’s level of registering thoughts and issues, they were not verbose or crammed with jargon but instead they consisted of every day conversational language for the dialogues. The language of the dialogues was mostly Urdu and had the earthly touch of Punjabi to it. The characters were real life characters who were relatable for everyone and had a warm vibe which made them loveable and hilarious for all the audience.

The subject and themes of the Drama captured the essence of everyday life of the general public which largely consists of the middle class. The dramas represented all the segments and people of the all the classes equally. This was perhaps the main reason why the industry went to it’s peak. So much so, that streets used to be deserted at the prime time of 8 o clock every evening when a serial was aired.

Be it Alpha Bravo Charlie with its hilarious characters and greatest love stories of all times or Dhoop Kinaray with its mystery and tale of family relations or Khuda ki Basti with its unconventional storyline focusing on the prevalent social issues of society. All of them stayed true to reality and made the art of Drama a true to life reflection of Pakistani Society.


  • Shiny and New:

On the rise of this millennium and the major breakthrough of private entertainment TV channels, the options of the audience have expanded to a maximum point. Channels like HUM TV, ARY Digital, Geo Entertainment are making Drama serials of every kind to cater the ever changing needs of the audience but sadly, only some of the serials have managed to maintain the quality of poise and tradition. Serials like Shehr e Zaat and Dyaar e Dil or Udaari are the best examples of quality dramas.

Some of the mainstream Drama Serials seem to be far away from reality, the lavish costumes and the fake glamour of the soap serials gets too much. The dialogues are impure and corny. Everyone just seems to be stepping in to a bandwagon of glamour. The characters are of a certain class and do not represent the general public at large. I believe, the focus should be on the quality of work instead of quantity. This will allow the golden era to be revived.


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