Boycott Kangana

Amidst many Indian celebrities condemning the Pulwama Attacks and taking measures that had to be taken, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut shamelessly asked for the destruction of Pakistan. Ranaut has spoken to a media outlet and blatantly said, “Pakistan’s ban is not the focus, Pakistan’s destruction is”

Kangana Ranaut revealed her hatred and sought death upon an entire country which not only shows her troubled state of mind but also her wicked heart. Ranaut’s sadistic remarks are truly alarming.

It appears that matters are not likely to resolve till after India’s elections. We are all aware of Modi’s hidden agenda. It is commonly seen that the hate mongering party largely banks upon hatred to win elections. Matters are expected to settle down only after the elections in India.

Although Pulwama Attacks prompted several Indian celebrities to respond however Kangana Ranaut is the one who crossed all limits.

Ajay Devgn recently announced that he will not be releasing his film Total Dhamaal in Pakistan while Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi have cancelled their visit to Pakistan. The veteran artists were scheduled to visit Karachi Art Council for a conference.

In such a sensitive situation, it is only normal to make hasty decisions. The love for one’s country may be above all, however it is the intensity of the pressure from extremists that forces one to take such decisions. Ajay Devgn did what he had to do. Whereas Javed Akthar and Shahbana Azmi are frequent visitors to Pakistan and we know that they value artistic collaborations.

On the other hand, Ranaut’s delusional and sadistic remarks have proved that she is a hate monger. Not surprisingly, the infamous actress has been known for picking up several fights with her co-stars in the industry. The actress who lives in the fear of Bollywood ganging up against her and has vowed to ‘expose’ each and every one in Bollywood, recently passed cynical remarks about Alia Bhatt calling her Karan Johar’s puppet. She is also tangled in a messy dispute with director Krish who chose to walk out of Manikarnika then to bear the fight. Reportedly she also had a clash with Tanu Weds Manu producer, Aanand L Rai.

In addition she accused Karan Johar of promoting nepotism in the film industry. We are also all familiar with her open dispute with actor Hrithik Roshan. The cantankerous woman has been criticized by her own press time and again.

Kangana Ranaut has been called out for her hypocrisy by her own people. Bollywood Hungama posted an article on Kangana’s hypocrisy just today. The article titled, “Kangana Ranaut wants to destroy Pakistan but still hasn’t pulled down Manikarnika from its theatresis self-explanatory.

In addition, Epk’s boxoffice numbers were quoted by Indians to call out Kangana Ranaut for not pulling out her film from Pakistan.

These are indeed difficult times as distinguishing between good people and bad people has become bleak and difficult now more than ever. However, anyone who is willing to destroy an entire country for whatever misconceptions they may have, is not a normal person. Kangana is spewing venom and fanning hatred in troubled times.

Epk is starting a campaign for Boycotting Kangana Ranut. We request every Pakistani living here or abroad to boycott Kangana Ranut. Pakistanis have always played a very important role in benefiting Bollywood shows worldwide especially in the UK, USA and Canada.

Stand with us to boycott Kangana. While we understand the sentiments of those who are hurt, we cannot understand nor tolerate Kangana’s frame of mind. She is a delusional hate monger and we request every Pakistani to boycott her! We want her to know, that the Indo-Pak tensions may settle after their elections however we will not forget nor forgive you, Kangana Ranaut. #BoycottKangana


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  1. Faizan February 20, 2019

    Can i Collabe With You Top 6 Entertainemnt

  2. Shaz hussain February 21, 2019

    Well done guys at least someone is standing up..I dont like our pakistani media, cinema industry and celebrities taking a backward approach that everything will be okay and we want peace..Kangna wants to destroy our country and we still want to watch her movies and other bollywood movies here..what a shame ! Can please EPK stop giving bollywood news and make a request to Fawad Choudhary to put a ban on bollywood movies and shows in Pakistan until India lifts its ban on our movies and artists. Thanks

  3. Hassan Hassan February 21, 2019

    I never liked this whore in the first placeEmraan fucked her so hard that she lost her mind.Stupid whore

  4. Modi's dad February 21, 2019

    Stupid, immature evil bitch that doesn't even get on with her own indian co-stars and Directors etc. Shame on the so called muslim actors in India for not speaking out.