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Mahira Khan is a name that needs no introduction. She has been ruling our hearts since her Humsafar days, her first major role that introduced her as a force to be reckoned with. The star has done nothing but moved up and onward ever since! Mahira is not only a star on screen but also one off-screen. Her humble, down to earth, friendly persona makes us admire her even more.

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One Bollywood release with Shahrukh Khan and 5 Lollywood films later , today she is busy promoting her upcoming Eid release “Superstar”, a film title that does justice to this star. We sat down with the star for a chat about Superstar, Bilal Ashraf and pretty much all things under the sun! But since not every thing is meant to be shared we will be sharing what she had to say about Superstar!

The trailer promises a beautiful love story “a purely girl boy story ” as Mahira terms it. We haven’t seen any good romantic film up until now, one that can be used as a reference or have the potential to be a part of pop culture.

The problem is that films are a business, so we start with a love story, then we add comedy and what not. If it is not required then drop it. Noori was needed, Dahrak Bharak was a requirement, it was in the script. In fact Noori was meant to be something else,it was meant to be a Kathak number, but since I had already done Morey Saiyan so we went the other way.When we force something in, that is when the problem arises.With Superstar we have stayed very true to it being a love story.It is purely a girl and boy, man and women love story.

Do you think Superstar will be able to fill that void ?

InshaAllah. I don’t know.If people live with it , love it, if it somehow resonates with them, then I will have a lot more faith in myself.

Mahira is a positive personality who stays realistic about her work, “The other day a journalist said that this year is going to be Mahira Khan’s, so I said that you guys say that every year and last two years have been pretty awful, so please don’t say that.” she laughed.

There seems to be a tendency of drawing comparison between an upcoming project and some existing work, like Superstar is being compared to Aashiqui 2, so can you clarify this for the audience?

I haven’t seen Aashiqui 2 but it think it is a remake of A Star is Born. Superstar is nothing like that not even close.

How do you feel when a film that has not even been released to be compared like that?

I don’t feel anything really. Of course people will see it is a story of these actors who fall in love that is very apparent. Aashiqui I don’t know but A Star is Born is about a struggling musician and a rock star, so that way yes it is a struggling artist and another actor, so that way maybe. But the story is nothing like A Star Is Born. I would love to do A Star Is Born remake but I think it has been done too many times. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga nailed it. So no it is nothing like that and I don’t feel bad at all.

Taking the conversation further Mahira also revealed something very interesting about the plot that was in fact teased in the trailer yet no one picked up.

In fact sometimes it makes me feel a little better. I was talking to Bilal and I was like okay so nobody really got it! They have made all these comparisons but they haven’t picked up one very solid thing in it! Which I find strange, even my fans haven’t picked up.It was there in the trailer!

Let’s leave it to the fans and see if they will be able to decode this plot twist from the trailer. There is more to come from the interview until then we are re-watching the trailer so should you. Lets see if we can figure it out this time around. Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf starrer Superstar hits the cinemas this Eid ul Azha.

Mahira Khan’s Superstar Trailer Leaves Us Starstruck!


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