When we talk of the quality content in the Hollywood then many names pop up in our heads. But there are very few names who have achieved everything from fame to boxoffice success and awards through high quality of content.

Quentin Tarantino is easily the biggest name which comes to our minds whenever we talk about rich content. Legendary director has won two Oscars and amazed us every time he wrote or directed the project. Projects were not only highly acclaimed rather they turned out mega blockbusters.

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Another name that pops in our heads is Leonardo Dicaprio. Star is without a doubt one of the finest actors to ever come out of world cinema. Leo has given us countless blockbuster and his performances were just mindbogglingly brilliant in every character. Star saw numerous Oscar nominations including one win.

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One more name which comes to our mind is Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is one of the most famous Hollywood stars out there in the world. Actor has one Oscar to his name but his films are always massive hits. He enjoys a huge fan base and his acting talents are wondrous.

Now imagine all the above three collaborating for a film. Well a film can’t get bigger than this. Quentin Tarantino in the chair of director and Leonardo and Brad Pitt as lead stars, this is the perfect recipe of high octane content and guarantee of the super duper hit.

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Sony Pictures released the first look of the film yesterday and it has already taken whole social media by storm. Titled Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, film is slated to hit screens in July this year. Without a doubt, film fans can’t wait for this film. Film also stars spectacular Margot Robbie in lead role!

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