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Thursday Drama Reviews: Aangan Vs Mera Rab Waris Vs Hania

Aangan (Hum Tv) MD Productions

With most of the other characters having taken a background role by now, Alia and Jamil have become the sole focus of Aangan as their love story is developed gradually. While before Chammi had been dominant as the third member of this love triangle, this episode did not give her much focus seriously and only gave her a comic role. I think it’s disappointing that Chammi’s character is being treated this way since she is probably the most multi-faceted and in-depth character out of all in the drama.

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Alia had given us hope that maybe one more character would be actually interesting but her confusing behavior regarding Jamil and her sudden falling in love  with him even though she hated him only a few episodes before is making her the same as everyone else.

The only good parts of this episode were Chammi’s scenes, and Sajal Aly has owned this role like no other! Although I wish they would give her more heavy dialogues, Chammi is still a well-rounded character who is flawed, making her more realistic than most of the other characters that appear fake.

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Hania (ARY) Six Sigma Production

Hania was always expected to reach a breaking point specially with the stress of everything around her, and this episode she does break down and does something hasty. After Rohan, Hania’s cousin, runs into her at the mall and is interrupted by Junaid, Rohan becomes convinced that something is amiss and Hania is only pretending to be fine.

Internally, Hania is struggling to accept her situation and so she tries to kill herself by cutting her wrist. She is saved of course when Junaid gets her to the hospital in time but Junaid’s attitude does not change at all and Hania returns to a life of imprisonment. It seems Rohan combined with Hania’s father and her sister are the only people who can see through the facade created by Junaid and will try to help Hania.

Junaid Khan’s acting in this drama has honestly been a treat and he is actually able to reflect the bipolar nature of his character very well with his body language. Some moments such as Hania’s attempt to kill herself could have been executed more fluidly but otherwise the drama has been adequate in quality and story-telling.

Mera Rab Waris (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

Now that Haris is in love with Ayesha, he insists that he wants to meet her and marry, much to the delight of his father and the chagrin of the rest of his family. This episode showed a greater insight into the superiority complex Haris’ family has and their obsession with status and money.

Haris and Ayesha do meet and find that they both like each other, but Haris warns her that his personality is very different from hers and she will have to forgive him for a lot of things. But right now Ayesha does not fully grasp this and is only happy that they are agreeing to marry.

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Haris’ father is pleased with his choice but his mother and sisters are angry that Haris has agreed to marry someone they perceive as backward. The way the mother and sisters try to justify their hatred for someone like Ayesha is very realistic and similar to how many upper-class families treat anyone who is below them and I think the drama is highlighting the class difference very well.

Ayesha is definitely going to face a lot of hardships as she marries into Haris’ family and the way she deals with it all will be the focus of the drama. We can’t wait for next week’s episode!


Mera Rab Waris is doing such a great job with its plot and the cast has also given their all until now. It is well-liked and a drama that you should definitely give a watch. Mera Rab Waris wins on Thursdays.

Hania and Aangan are quite close behind and only lack in certain flaws in their plot and characters but otherwise are pretty good in quality.

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