The 7th Hum Awards will be airing in October in Houston. Hum Awards have achieved acclaim and have become successful commercially as well. Last year’s award show was held in Toronto, the event was held at a large scale and very well received. Houston houses a large majority of overseas Pakistani in the States. So taking the show to them is a good step to connect with the audience in that part of the world as well.

The network has announced the nomination for all 10 categories have been revealed. We are here to share the list of nominations with you.

Best Actor Male:

-Nauman Ejaz (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Junaid Khan (Ishq Tamasha)
-Farhan Saeed (Suno Chanda)
-Adnan Siddique ( Belapur Ki Dayan)
-Muneeb Butt (Baandi)
-Shahzad Sheikh (Tabeer)

Best Actor Female

-Yumna Zaidi ((Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
– Aiman Khan (Ishq Tamasha)
-Iqra Aziz (Suno Chanda)
-Sarah Khan (Belapur Ki Dayan)
-Iqra Aziz (Tabeer)
-Aiman Khan (Baandi)

Best supporting actor male

-Osama Tahir (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Faizan Khawaja (Ishq Tamsha)
-Adnan Shah Tipu (Suno Chanda)
-Yasir Hussain (Baandi)
– Osama Tahir (Belapur Ki Dayan)

Best supporting actor femalE

-Nadia Afghan (Suno Chanda)
-Saman Ansari (Dar Si Jati Hai Sila)
-Sakina Samoo (Dar Si Jati Hai Sila)
-Kinza Hashmi (Ishq Tamasha)
-Hajra Yamin ( Baandi)

Best Serial

Dar Se Jati Hai Sila
Ishq Tamasha
Suno Chanda
Belapur Ki Dayan

Most Impactful Character

-Nauman Ejaz (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Sakina Samoo (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Nadia Afghan (Suno Chanda)

Best Actor in a negative role

-Nauman Ejaz (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Kinza Hashmi (Ishq Tamasha)
-Amar Khan (Belapur Ki Dayan)
-Yasir Hussain (Baandi)

Best on-screen couple

-Yumna Zaidi & Osama Tahir (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Aiman Khan & Junaid Khan (Ishq Tamasha)
-Iqra Aziz & Farhan Saeed (Suno Chanda)
-Iqra Aziz & Shahzad Sheikh (Tabeer)
-Aiman Khan & Muneeb Butt (Baandi)

Best director

-Kashif Nisar (Dar Se Jati Hai Sila)
-Danish Nawaz (Ishq Tamasha)
– Aehsun Talish (Suno Chanda)
– Saife Hasan (Belapur Ki Dayan)
-Ahmed Kamran (Baandi)
-Aehsun Talish (Tabeer)

Best writer

-Bee Gul (Dar Si Jati Hai Sila)
-Misbah Nausheen (Ishq Tamasha)
-Saima Akram (Suno Chanda)
-Inam Hasan (Belapur Ki Dayan)
-Asma Nabeel (Baandi)
-Imran Ashraf (Tabeer)

Congratulations and best of luck to all nominees! Did your favorites make it to the list?


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  1. Mehak gul August 17, 2019

    Fist of all best of luck to all nominees and iqra and farhan keep it up you are the best on screen couple my blessings and best wishes are always with you

  2. Kamran nazeer August 19, 2019

    Best couple... Muneeb but & Aiman Khan... Best actor... Shezada Shaikh.... Best female actor Sara khan....

  3. Kamran nazeer August 19, 2019

    Best serial.. Tabeer. Best writer.... Imran ashraf

  4. Qazi Atif August 26, 2019

    Why ranjha ranjha is not in the list coz imran should get best actor for bola

  5. Shahzaib arshad September 1, 2019

    Farhan saeed for suno chanda

  6. Tahir September 8, 2019

    i don't understand criteria for this award unable to get time period of nominated serials can someone explain please