Game of Thrones Season 8

After a nearly 2 year sabbatical, Game of Thrones is all set to return this April for its final season. The trailer of the epic H.B.O series just dropped yesterday and it has sent all the GOT fans into frenzy.

The trailer has left us with so many questions and Here’s why it is going to be the most deadly and epic finale!

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  • Arya Stark is in Danger!?

The trailer kicksoff with our fan favorite, Arya Stark running in terror inside the castles of Winterfell.  This is pretty exciting to watch as the last few seasons have presented Arya as more of a cold blooded killer but we rarely see the more human side of her.

Arya also chillingly narrates “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.” Who is she talking to? Jamie Lannister? Absolutely cannot wait for this faceoff! 

  • Everything you did brought you where you are now/ Its the ultimate showdown!

The last 7 seasons of GOT has built a complex universe filled with so many characters, stories and arcs. They all are finally set to converge in the ultimate showdown.

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So many questions arise after watching this trailer. What is Euron Greyjoy doing in the ship? Is Winterfell going down? What will happen to Cersei? Is Sansa happy with all of this?

  • Jon + Dany

We get to see Daenerys and Jon bring together a lot in the trailer. Who could have predicted this in Season 1? Both Jon and Dany can be seen riding into Winterfell with the Unsullied accompanying them in the backdrop and they are seen together in the crypts too.

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They have one last shot where both can be seen with The Dragons, Rhaegal and Drogon. Is this perhaps some foreshadowing? Is Jon going to ride one of the dragons? And will he find out that Daenerys is actually his Aunt!?

  • What happens to The Lannisters!?

All the Lannister have made it this far except Tywin. In the trailer we get see a brief glimpse of Jamie Lannister flashing his sword. Is he going to fight alongside all of Cersei’s enemies? And speaking of the devil, we do get to see Queen Cersei Lannister with her grimacing look and with some wine in her hand. What trick will she have her sleeve?

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But disappointingly we do not get see much of Tyrion. Does that mean he will be killed off? It surely can’t be but you never know since GOT has been notorious for killing off its key characters. 

  • Cleganebowl

For a long time GOT fans have been speculating about the clash between the brothers of destruction, The Hound and The Mountain. Are we finally going to see them square off? The trailer does show The Hound with fire burning in the backdrop. Is this a hint or are we looking too much into it? You will find out soon enough.

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  • The Battle is about to begin!

The television show is famous for some monumental battle sequences.  Everyone is on the edge but ready for battle. We get to see Gendry, Lady Brienne, Podrick, Jorah Mormont alongside Northern Army and the Unsullied standing in the dispassionate cold of the North ready to face the enemy!

  • But who exactly is the enemy?

We never get to see The White Walkers and The Undead in trailer. Are they even the real enemy? What about the speculation regarding so many of the other battles? Nothing else is shown.  We get to see very little of Kings Landing and the other Seven Kingdoms with the exception of The North. So much is left to the fans own imagination. Their all questions will be answered soon.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere on 14th April!!


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