Hira Mani and Affan Waheed starrer Do Bol has had a great run and is now ending on Sunday. As the drama nears its conclusion, we had a look back on some of the best scenes from the drama that had our hearts.

Top 5 Dramas Of The Week: Do Bol The New Drama King

1.Geeti confessing love for Sameer

Although our feelings about Sameer have changed over the course of the drama, he was likable in the start. Geeti didn’t understand love back then and her admittance is not very convincing but it surely was heartening to hear this exchange between the two. This had us rooting for these two for a few minutes as well.

2. When Geeti and Badar get caught

This was a pivotal moment for the two protagonists. The scene was very harsh but it determined the tone of the drama. It was rather strange that no one tried to hear them out instead they kept insinuating from what they had witnessed. This wasn’t the ideal way for the two to get married but probably the only way this match could be made.

3.Geeti’s acceptance of Badar as her Husband:

The moment when Geeti stood up for Badar, indicating that she accepted him as her husband. This was the first time that we got some hope that these two will work it out!

4. When Geeti leaves

Our hope was short lived as Geeti leaves with her mother Jahanara. The exchange between Geeti and Badar’s sister is sweet and indicated the strong bond that the two had developed over the short course of time. The strong dialogue won us over in this one!

5.When Iqbal forgives Geeti

This was the highlight of this week’s episode and certainly adorable. We had hope that things would change for the better but looks like there are still a few issues that need to be resolved. So lets see what happens next and how this love story concludes!

6. Geeti’s declaration of love for Badar

The bond that Geeto and Badar have developed over the course of the drama has been a slow process. They has had a hard time accepting her fate and turn her hatred into acceptance and respect. The two have finally crossed the hurdles in the way and reached a point where they both love each other. The way Geeti expresses her love for Badar is so much different and sincere than she did to Sameer.

This shows who she truly loves. This was one of those scene where we saw Geeti completely sure of herself and had beautiful dialogues to support her stance. The expression of love was done in beautiful word and it had us a bit teary.

Ep27,28: Badar’s Silence Before The Storm

There are so many others that could be added to the list but we will leave you with these six for now. Do let us know which one is your favorite from the drama?


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