Baba Jani

This Thursday we bid farewell to yet another amazing drama. The drama is none other than Baba Jani starring Faysal Qureshi, Madiha Imam, Sawera Nadeem, Saba Hameed and others.

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Baba Jani is not your typical run of the mill story but it is a heart warming tale of a man who goes above and beyond not only for his family but also for his step daughter.

Here are 5 ways Fayal Quershi as Asfand broke stereotypes in Baba Jani, making it a commendable drama!

1. Normalized marrying an older woman and a widow

Asfand’s character was exemplary. When he decides to get married, his friend and his wife present him with a proposal of a girl young enough to be his daughter. Although the society sees no wrong in marrying a well settled older man with a young girl, Asfand sees his niece in Nimra.

The character melts when he sees her. In one of the most heartwarming and touching moments of the drama, Asfand goes to Sadia’s house and puts his hand on Nimra’s head (a gesture of utmost respect for someone who is like a daughter) Asfand then proposes Sadia in order to give Sadia and Nimra support and shelter.

Unfortunately, the society does see wrong in a man marrying an older woman, yet Asfand breaks all stereotypes and happily marries Sadia.

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2. Accepts another man’s children and becomes an ideal father

While the society has announced that a man can never accept another man’s children, Asfand accepts Sadia’s daughter Nimra and Mehwish’s son like his own. Asfand and Nimra’s relationship was the highlight of the drama and it was beautiful how it unfolded.

Their arc was the one major thing that made the drama shine. While not many dramas explore such relationships, Baba Jani like the name suggests was an exemplary drama that revolved around this beautiful relationship. Asfand gradually wins Nimra’s trust and ensures her that he loves her like his own daughter.

Baba Jani took its sweet time for the bond between father and daughter to develop, but the wait certainly reaped what it sowed. Nimra later develops a heart touching bound with him and we also see Asfand making similar efforts with Mehwish’s son. Asfand is truly an ideal father.

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3. Reacts maturely when he finds out his wife is in contact with her ex 

Towards the second half of the drama and nearing the end, Mehwish is blackmailed by her ex husband. Haroon and Mehwish believe that Asfand will never be able to tolerate their contact and while Haroon tries to take advantage of this, Mehwish is frightened and tries to hide the matter from Asfand.

As society preaches that no man will tolerate his wife being in contact with her ex husband, we see Asfand break yet another stereotype when he responds maturely. The character supports his second wife Mehwish. Normally in dramas the husband are often led astray by such misunderstandings and abandon their wives.

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4. Bad characters can be forgiven

Asfand’s sisters are very typical characters. They continue to manipulative their brother and use him for their good while never caring about his happiness. Najiba apa in particular only seeks to get money for her children and herself while emotionally blackmailing her brother. Najiba and Nabila also make Asfand and his family’s life difficult. They first target Sadia and Nimra and later Mehwish.

Usually bad characters are shown suffering in the end. Whereas Asfand continues to forgive his sisters through out the drama, preaching forgiveness and love. In the end, Najiba apa sees the errors in her ways and finally gives in to Asfand’s love.

Overall, we thought this was a good way to conclude the drama and giving Nabila and Naila a better ending was also commendable since most dramas just treat the antagonists badly in the end.

5. A Man can live for others!

Asfand’s character was an epitome of selflessness! The character dedicated his life solely for others and found happiness doing it. We have not seen a character more profound, more loving and more forgiving than Asfand’s character and the character is surely a role model for the society!

Afsand’s character is by far a very rare sighting in dramas, the drama also reflects on issues that are really needed to be highlighted. The narrative through his character breaks stereotypes the way no other drama has done! So even you haven’t seen the drama, we suggest you catch it online!

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