Romeo weds heer

Romeo Weds Heer stars the famous the lead pair of Khaani. Khaani was a superhit drama which captured countless hearts! The makers of Khaani got together once again for Romeo Weds Heer. However, Romeo Weds Heer has been a dissapointment.

Although both Khaani and Romeo Weds Heer are vastly different and there is no comparison between the two however the makers had an opportunity to cash upon Sana Javed and Feroze Khan’s popularity and deliver a magnum opus now but they failed to create the same hype they created with Khaani.

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Romeo Weds Heer began with a bang with many rushing to see their favorite couple together. Not only did we start to dislike the drama gradually but there are a few aspects of the drama which have annoyed us very much indeed! Following are the 5 most annoying tropes of Romeo Weds Heer.

1.Shafaat Ali’s dialogue as Nazar.

Shafaat Ali has proved himself as a fine impressionist. He is also a decent actor who seems to be gelling well with the demand of the drama. However, his character becomes especially annoying because of his trademark dialogue, “After all main Dhamad hoon”. The dialogue was fine at first and appears to be a jab at our society’s tendency of demanding more respect for a “son-in-law” However its repeated usage has us annoyed to the core.

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Shafaat Ali as Nazar

2. Romeo’s sister

Romeo’s sister Minal is always engrossed in her phone and laughs randomly. This is literally all she has been doing through out the episodes. Her constant laughing neither makes sense nor is funny.

3. The cheesy relationship between Romeo and Heer

While the drama tries so hard to make the audience become attached to Romeo and Heer’s relationship through really cheesy scenes but it just comes off awkward. Their relationship does not stir our emotions and comes across as bland and silly.

Sana Javed and Feroze Khan

4. Everyone’s doing a lot of overacting

We understand its a comedy drama, but the drama is employing overacting to such an extent, its hard to bear it. While we commend the actors for delving into the characters however the acting is overdone. It’s neither funny nor tolerable. The over acting really gets hard to digest.

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5. Annoying family members

So both Romeo and Heer have very unique family members who keep quarreling. Romeo’s mother Dr Shehnaz and Heer’s father Hakeem Luqman are always engaged in an annoying tiff. The repetitive theme gets annoying and the families generally tend to overact and react on everything.

Romeo Weds Heer

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