Aatish stars the adorable duo of Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf in the lead. It is an heartwarming love story and the two gradually made a place for themselves in our hearts with their endearing chemistry. As Aatish’s last episode will air tonight, everyone wants to see the characters unite!

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Here’s a recap of Asma and Shehreyar’s rocky journey and five reasons why we eagerly want to see these to unite now!

1.Amazing chemistry between the two:

The duo has been flaunting their adorable onscreen chemistry. Hina Altaf dons a simplistic getup while Azfar Rehman is a dapper. The couple compliments each other! The pacing of their love story has been gradual and it beautifully blossomed. It appeared subtle and convincing. We particularly loved their romantic moments together.

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Shehreyar and Asma

2. Defiance of class barriers: 

Shehreyar chooses to ignore their background differences and marries Asma despite Asma’s class. He loves Asma for who she is and accepts her as she is! He truly loves her and does not want her to change for anyone! Shehreyar’s love for Asma is heartwarming. He was keen on marrying Asma and making her, his beloved wife. They live in defiance of societal norms!

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3. True Love:

The duo is willing to go to any lengths for each other. While Shehreyar took on his family’s opposition to marry Asma, Asma too has long suffered for Shehreyar. She had to endure his family’s tactics and suffered more as she came under their wrath! Even after she was forced to leave, the character still suffers as she lives with the grief of Shehreyar’s supposed death.

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4. The hurdles they faced:

Naila Bhabi and Shehreyar’s mother have been particularly skeptical of Asma, while Naila Bhabi has been opposing Asma based on a personal vendetta, that she wanted her sister to marry Shehreyar. Later Shehreyar turns Asma away because he had seen her living with another man.

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With so many hurdles that came their way, the pair deserves happiness! Naila Bhabi becomes the biggest hurdle as she lies to everyone and tells them that Asma was never married and has run away now, putting doubts in Shehreyar’s mind. Now that their Nikkah has been disclosed and they know that Asma has given birth to Shehreyar’s child.the truth is out! The two need to unite!

Asma and Shehreyar

5. They are married, remember?

The couple is married and its high time they unite! The two lovers got their Nikkah done and are now religiously and legally meant to be together. After this revelation, Shehreyar’s family should accept Asma. Now that Asma has also given birth to Shehreyar’s child, we want to see them a happy family!

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