5 reasons why Cheekh is a must watch

Saba Qamar & Bilal Abbas Starrer Cheekh Has Us On The Edge Of Our Seats As The Plot Thickens!

One of the dramas that has been on our radar is Saba Qamar’s Cheekh. The drama has an extremely gripping story. While there have only been only 6 episodes so far, the story is so engaging that at the end of every episode it leaves the audiences wanting more.

What is really commendable about the drama is the fact that while it was revealed that it is in fact Bilal Abbas who plays the negative role, the initial few episodes allowed suspicion on other characters. Along with that viewers also grew curious as to how Wajih fits into all this as he had been coming off as the good guy up until then.

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In the sixth episode came the major reveal in an extremely intense scene between Mannat and Wajih. Wajih finally shows his true colors. He not only admits that he is the real culprit and also shares the gruesome details of the encounter. He lets the audience in on the psychopath side of his character. That scene without doubt was the highlight of the entire episode.

Saba Qamar & Bilal Abbas in Cheekh

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While the idea of everyone’s favorite hero playing the villain is a little hard to digest, Bilal Abbas has proven that he can do it just as well!

Now that it has been revealed it will be interesting to see how Mannat reacts. Considering Wajih is loved by all in the family no one will believe her. One thing is for sure that she will go up against him but how she proves his guilt is something to look forward to.

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In short here is Why you should watch Cheekh:

1.The story of the drama is extremely engrossing. Zanjabeel Asim Shah has penned down a story that is something not seen before, and it manages to entangle the audience in its deep plot.

2. The director Badar Mehmood has translated her vision on screen so well that every scene touches base with the audience.

3. Bilal Abbas unlike the usual romantic hero is seen a extremely different avatar. Saba Qamar back on TV after Baaghi that ended early 2018.

4. It is not the typical story of Saas Bahu row. Instead the drama has a strong message attached with it. It is a story of a woman who will speak up against injustice. The drama has underlining message of women empowerment.

5. The thrill, mystery and emotions is what we rarely see in dramas these days. The theme of the drama is what makes it stand out!

What do you think of the drama so far?

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  1. Aisha April 15, 2019

    cheekh development is slow it got exciting when the bhabhi find out abt wajih but afterwards it’s gotten slow Mannat needs to get a lawyer pronto Plus she should record wajih confessing to his crime