Every once in while there comes a drama that get audience hooked.  It is usually till after the drama begins to air that this happens, but in case of Aangaan it is the opposite. The drama is a much awaited one and viewers will finally get to see it tomorrow at 8 PM on Hum TV.

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Here are five reason why you should definitely tune in tomorrow!


The drama has a major star cast including Mawra Hocane, Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan, Sonya Hussayn, Hira Mani, Abid Ali, Shehroz Shabzwari. With such a great ensemble we can expect great things from the serial. It will be definitely worth the watch!


2. Novel adaption

If we have witnessed anything in the past with regard to novel adaption is that they are usually narrating heartwarming stories. The teaser have also assured that the story line is going to be really good. It is also a period drama which always very interesting to watch as they tell a story of a time way before us. We get to see something very different.


3. The dialogues and poetry

If you are a poetry buff then this drama will be the ultimate delight. Khadija Mastoor’s novel has been converted into a script by Mustafa Afridi. We will be served with some major poetic dialogues!


4.Sets, makeup and outfits

Since the drama is based in 1940’s the sets, makeup and outfits are periodically on point. We see the ladies in curly hair, ghararas, and kiran embellished tissue duppatta. The men carry their kurta pajama, sherwani and nawabi caps with elegance and grace. The house shown have the Haveli touch with a massive front porch referred as the aangaan of the house. We also see cows as people back in the day used to have their own cows for milk.


5. Diverse characters

The one thing to look out for are the interesting and diverse characters. Aliya (Mawra Hocane) comes off as a mature, responsible, studious girl who is afraid to let someone in. Jameel(Ahad Raza Mir) is a poet while Chammi (Sajal Aly) is a happy go lucky, cheeky girl. W e are particularly interested to see Chammi.


Also the OST is the cherry on top. If you haven’t heard it yet go check it out here!

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