Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas starrer Cheekh made waves with its mind blowing content. The unique way of story telling coupled with impactful performances, made the drama a must watch! With the drama coming to an end tonight, we have a look at all the factors that made this drama an ultimate hit.

Cheekh’s characterization a class apart


For every drama the most important thing is how the characters have been created. Every character in the drama is unique and beautifully developed. Mannat is an inspiring and fierce character, Wajih’s darker shades have been well explored and there are moments in the drama that he leaves us shocked and scared . Shayan was television’s favorite husband. His character set an example of supportive husband and is one of those character that will be remembered for a very long time.

Nayyer Ejaz as DSP Amir Khan is also an entertaining character and an apt depiction of police in Pakistan. Aijaz Aslam as Yawar was a good depiction of the head of the family. Noor ul Hasan’s Ramzan is a helpless father who is adamant on getting justice for his daughter. His helplessness mixed with anger and weak standing in society is apt example of poor fathers.


The first thing that drew us in was the drama’s narrative. The story,the dialogues and the message that is behind this drama makes it stand out. This is certainly a very different story, one that has not been told. The drama’s narrative laid basis for an engaging content from day one and we were hooked instantly.


No drama can excel if the director of the drama doesn’t have a clear vision about it. Cheek has been extremely well executed, the level of intensity required in scenes was well maintained by Badar Mehmood . The way the events unfolded had us on the edge of our seats, the drama came with surprises which made us love the drama even more. The timing of all the incidents and unique way of story telling all added up to making the drama much loved.


No drama is really successful unless the actors have convincing performances. The drama had an absolutely talented cast who ensured that they brought life to the characters they way the writer had intended them to be. Every actor be it Saba Qamar’s resilience, Wajih’s monstrous existence, Yawar selfishness and cowardice, Amir Khan’s greed and dirty games, Ramzan’s helplessness, Shayan’s love, dedication and support for his wife, Nayab’s innocence, Haya’s confusion between family and friendship, all were brilliantly done.

We were able to better relate to the characters and this drama on the whole due to their effortless performances. Can we pick the best performer? It is very hard to pick just one!

5.Realistic Depiction

Lastly the makers kept the story close to reality by showing the true face of society when it comes to fighting for justice. The drama showed the misery that followed Mannat as a result of her fight for Nayab. Her opponents left no stone un-turned and that is how it goes in reality as well.The corruption at various levels of the justice system, the bribery and the intimidation during court hearing all made sense.

Cheekh killed off another character and we are shocked!

With the drama ending tonight, we hope that audience will part with it taking away the message that the drama attempted to deliver. The message of fighting for justice, speaking up against a crime and setting the system straight. Will you be sad to see it go?


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