Drama Industry of Pakistan has always been one of the pioneers of breaking the silence and questioning social norms of our society. Several dramas have been made addressing the social taboos which were considered a No-Go area for the genre of entertainment before.

Pakistani Drama Industry has started questioning social norms and breaking the stereotypical saas bahu serials and we must give them credit for it. It’s about time we quit the old Mills and Boons stories and move on for something more substantial. Let’s have a look at a few contemporary dramas that have given us a worthwhile message.

  • Chup Raho

Aired on ARY Digital written by Samira Fazal and directed by Yasir Nawaz, Chup raho’s story revolves around a girl who has to stay silent and endure the vile acts of her brother in law just to save her own namesake reputation and her sister’s marriage. It depicts a social taboo of how the burden of family’s so called honor often falls on a girl’s shoulders and she is expected to stay silent and let herself get exploited.


  • Udaari:

The show is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and aired on HUM TV. The story of the serial is layered and multivalent. It raises a question of marginalization on the basis of cast and profession, child sexual abuse and encourages women to stand up for themselves and take their talents seriously.

It breaks the myths and taboos surrounding the issues of sexual assault and provides real time and legit solutions to the problems as well as highlights the importance of empathy in post-traumatic stress.


  • Sammi:

Sammi is yet another serial by HUM TV dealing with social issues and raising the question of gender, cast and patriarchal institution. Dealing with the evil of “Vanni” that still prevails in rural areas of Pakistan, it dares to question the feudal mentality and women being a commodity to cover up the crimes by men. It brilliantly portrays how the society and its evils leaves one crippled and unable to stand even for one’s own self.


  • Ilteja:

Aired on ARY Digital, Ilteja addresses a topic very few of us know and chose to talk about. There is a certain discomfort involved in talking about children with a disability or down syndrome even in daily conversations but the drama serial Ilteja takes it to TV screen. ‘Ilteja’, is a story which is not only about love and marriage but the test that befalls upon the parents of a child born with a disability. It depicts how people tend to react towards a disable child and what the parents of a special child go through in our society.


  • Khuda Mera Bhi Hai:

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is based on the life of a third gender child. The drama shows us how the majority of the society shuns the little baby just because he does not have a specified gender. Khuda Mera Bhi Hai has put a mirror in front of our society and has forced us to reflect on our behavior towards this gender.

We have never been comfortable discussing the third gender and it is about time we bring it up and get comfortable with the idea of them existing and acknowledge them. We need to stop marginalizing them and give them their due right to live and be respected.


These dramas have defied boundaries to make serials with mature content and subject which does not go out of the genre of entertainment. It defines the society at its realist and still manages to tell all kinds of tales that provoke thoughts and actions.


Disclaimer: The writer’s views are solely the writer’s own and may not reflect Entertainment Pakistan’s views and policies.


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