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New Year has introduced audiences to a new wave of amazing dramas as well as carried over the relatively new ones from 2018. While getting to watch a whole new drama itself is exciting, their OSTs have become equally important. OSTs play a huge role in garnering popularity of the drama these days. That is why a lot of thought and hard work goes into the OST of a drama too!

Last year we got some spectacular OSTs like Khanni and Koi Chand Rakh, this year we have some more additions to our favorites!

Here are some of the recent drama OSTs that are particularly our favorites and have been on our playlist!


The super intense drama started giving us goosebumps even before it aired its first episode. Cheek’s OST has extremely powerful lyrics complemented with strong vocals by Asrar. The song provokes victims and people who know the truth to side with the truth instead of staying quiet. The meaningful lyrics and the thoughtful message puts the song on our list!

If you haven’t heard it yet have a listen here!

Do Bol

The drama has just begun but its OST has completely won us over. Aima Baig and Nabeel Shaukat have blended in their vocals with the composition so well. The song is all about love, heartbreak, betrayal and the bond of marriage. Check out the song if you haven’t heard it yet.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

This drama has been appreciated for its portrayl of strong female lead and a spectacular performance by Imran Ashraf. However its OST is extremely soulful and has been a constant in our playlist! Rahma Ali’s soft vocals are extremely soothing to listen to!

Dil Kiya Karay

Mustafa Zahid and Sharvari Deshpande have come together to make a beautiful romantic number for Mehreen Jabbar’s Dil Kiya Karay. The song is light and enjoyable.


Farhan Saeed takes us back in time with his OST “Hari Hari Aangan”. The music composition complements the theme making it is a perfect song for a period drama. Groove to this melody as it takes you back in time!

Have some more OST suggestions for us? We would to hear them!

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