HBO’s Game Of Thrones is easily one of the most popular TV series of all time. The series stars Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner in lead roles. The eighth and final season of the much anticipated series aired yesterday.

The first episode started on a very decent note. Pacing could have been better however the episode’s content pertained to lighthearted reunions which is why the buildup was gradual and light. The episode was titled “Winterfell” and it has seen a crazy response on social media so far.

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Every scene of the episode was important and very well directed by David Nutter. Few scenes deserve a big round of applause and for good reason. Below are some of the scenes which can said to be the best moments of the episode.

5. Sansa and Tyrion converse:-

The fifth scene to struck a chord with us was the one where Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister converse. This was probably the most intelligent conversation of the episode. The last dialogue was delivered by Sansa Stark and it was easily the best dialogue of the episode. It was also one of the most anticipated scenes of the series as these two characters reunited after a long time and we last saw them together on the death of King Joffery.

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4. When Jon Snow Rides a Dragon:-

The whole sequence of Jon Snow riding a dragon was beautifully shot. It was the most well crafted and alluring sequence of the episode. It was romantic and visually stunning. The kiss towards the end was passionate and the way dragon responded to that kiss was priceless.

3. Samwell Tarly responds to Daenerys Targaryen:-

This was the most surprising and heartbreaking moments of the episode which was very well complimented by Samwell Tarly’s mind blowing performance. Daenerys delivers him the news of his father and brother’s death.

Samwell is deeply affected emotionally however his reaction seemed casual. His performance in that instant was spellbinding as he holds back his anguish. He was expressive while remaining stern. Full points to the actor for giving such a performance!

2. Jon Snow and Arya Stark Meet:-

This was one of the most emotional and beautiful scenes in this episode of Game Of Thrones. Arya Stark and Jon Snow had our hearts from the very beginning. They are the most loved characters of the series. Ever since they parted their ways in the first season, everyone has been awaiting for their reunion.

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We finally saw these two reunite in this Episode. It was an extremely emotional moment for every GOT fan. Even though many are criticizing the fact that their dialogues were not as strong or impactful as this highly intense scene could have had however this scene has been awaited for so long now, that we just loved it.

We were also surprised with the characters’ attitude towards each other. This scene has now intrigued everyone and makes one wonder about the future of both these characters.

1. Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly:-

This was undoubtedly the best scene of the Episode! We have always said that Jon Snow knows nothing however he has now discovered the biggest truth of his life! This revelation came from none other than his own best buddy Samwell Tarly.

This scene embeds high end emotions. We were blown away by John Snow and Samwell Tarly’s praiseworthy performances. The Director David Nutter seemed to be relying more on emotions instead of dialogues in this scene and both the actors did justice to the scene through their apt expressions. This scene will now definitely change the future turn of events.

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