The much anticipated period drama began on a good note but soon adopted the speed of a snail in its story’s progression. The drama introduced us to many characters and it soon became a cluster with nothing too substantial or worthwhile happening. The story appeared bland, tedious and confusing.

Nevertheless, just when we thought the drama had lost all potential, we finally saw the story take a turn.

Aangan is leaving fans high and dry!

The main lead Aliya (Mawra Hocane) has been kept in the background for the longest time, however now the story has finally started to center around her. She and her mother have come to live with Jameel’s family following the arrest of her father.

Mawra Hocane as Aliya in Aangan
Mawra Hocane as Aliya in Aangan

Sajal Aly & Ahad, the only saving grace of Aangan?

Jameel is head over heels in love with Aliya, however she is not willing to reciprocate. Her reservation is justified and is also out of fear of what she had witnessed in the past. She also cares for Chammi who is deeply in love with Jameel.

Sajal Aly Shines In Aangan

Sajal Aly continues to entertain us as Chammi and for the longest time was the sole saving grace of the drama. Aliya and Chammi have developed a strong relationship and it is heartening to see them have heart to heart conversations.

Sajal Aly as Chammi

Aangan’s Chammi, a fitting addition to Sajal Ali’s various adorable characters!

The budding romance between Aliya and Jameel is however the main focus of the drama. We see Jameel admit his feelings for Aliya also expresses his willingness to marry her!

Aangan’s teasers have got viewers excited!

It will be interesting to find out what happens next.! Aliya’s inclination towards Jameel is becoming obvious however she is clearly fighting it.

Jameel and Aliya in Aangan

Aangan: A highly awaited partition saga on Hum TV.

What is left to see is will Aliya give in? and if she does, will Jameel remain sincere in his promise? or will Aliya’s worst fear be realized by getting betrayed in love? Only time will tell.

Time travel with Farhan Saeed’s Aangaan OST “Hari Hari”!

Aangan Jameel and Chammi
Jameel and Chammi in Aangan

Another interesting revelation of the upcoming episode is the introduction of Manzoor, to whom Chammi supposedly sends letters . Jameel is seen disturbed after learning this and inquires Chammi to confirm. Who is this mystery guy Manzoor or is it someone she is making up to spite Jameel, we are excited to find out!

Who is Chammi’s mystery guy Manzoor? Aangan’s big question!


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