3Bahadur rise of the warriors

3 Bahadur rise of the warriors has been running successfully in cinemas for almost seven weeks now. The movie has now slowed down owing to the increased release flow. Audience have been dispersed. Another animated movie has also recently released and we can expect the audience from major cities to switch to How To Train Your Dragon 3 now.

The first movie of the trilogy made a total of 6.65cr approx, the second part made a total of 8.1cr approx . It seems like the third will not be able to catch up to Revenge of Baba Balam’s lifetime earning, however it isn’t too ambitious to expect that it can match up with the first installment.

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The film has met with some major biggies during its run,especially films like Bumblebee and Spiderman Into The Spider-verse were being considered major competitors from children’s films domain. However the film managed to hold well. The winter break did draw a lot of children to the cinema as well.

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The breakdown of box office collection so far has been:

Week 1: 1.80 crore

Week 2: 2.2 crore

Week 3: 1.03 crore

Week 4: 65 lacs

5th weekend:17 lacs

This means the film has concluded the fifth week and raked a total of 5.85 crore. According to our previous updates the film was nearing the 6 crore mark . While the first three weeks saw a huge box office collection, the following weeks saw a downward trend in business. The movie has now slowed down, however the animated series has now crossed 6 crore! The total box office collection stands at 6.17 crore so far.

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