The trilogy of 3 Bahadur, the rise of the warriors saw release on 14th December, 2018. The highly adored children’s film has been produced by Waadi Animations in association with ARY Films. The trilogy is the brainchild of the very creative Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who has managed to give Pakistan, its first animated children’s series.

The film is loved by many children who have seen all three parts of the series! The previous two installments of the film were hugely successful at the box office as they became the highest grossing films in the genre of animated films at the time of their release.

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The third installment has done even better than its previous installments. Children came out to see the movie despite their exam season initially and now that its winter holidays, more and more children are coming out! This indicates that children are absolutely loving the film.

In addition, the film was released alongside Spiderman into the spider verse, which was another children’s film. Even then the film had a good opening day. The film was later met by competition from other films which released over the second weekend. Films like Aquaman, Bumblebee and Zero were released whereas Bumbleebee was expected to draw out children and give 3 bahadur 3 a competition.

The animated film still managed to see a steady growth and bagged a total of 1.8cr in its first week while it has accumulated approx 2.2cr in its second week. This is one of the rare films which has seen a better box office accumulation in its 2nd week than its 1st week.

The film has now made a total of about 4 Crore! This film is anticipated to rake in more gains than its previous installments.

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