The Akshay Kumar starrer sci-fi  film 2.0 has been doing well in Pakistan. The movie opened last week on Thursday. The release strategy was bold and risky at the same time considering it was a week day. However the movie managed to hold it on during the weekend run. It earned 28 lacs on Monday, bringing the total up to 3.11 crore.

The Tuesday box office numbers are in and it has bagged 29 lacs. This makes its box office total accumulate to 3.40 crore during its 6 days run. The main stream Bollywood movies are mostly liked by audience in Pakistan. Considering that this film is South Indian, its performance is pretty good. The first part Robot was not released in theaters in Pakistan even then this film has seen a decent turn out.

Compared to other Hindi dubbed films, 2.0  is running in close quarters with Bahubali. Lets see if it can beat it. 2.0  has earned more in its first week than Bahubali 2. However it must be noted that Bahubali was released a week after its release in India. The film didn’t do that well in first week but gained momentum in the second.

The weekend will see release of Pinky Memsaab and Mortal engines. It will be interesting to see how the three films compete. Whether 2.0 dominates or the weekend releases. Considering the rate of earnings at the moment, it is estimated that the film will hit the 4 crore mark by the end of the week.


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