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The trend of sequels in film industry has been around for some time and many film makers have managed to cash in on it. However with every sequel audience sets the bar high. This week saw release of yet another sequel 2.0. The film had an early start, it being released on Thursday. It was not met with fierce competition as the weekend releases included Robin Hood and Possession of Hannah Grace.

There was a lot of hype for 2.0 so I decided to see what the fuss was all about. Basing off on the first movie Robot, going into the theatre I was not very optimistic, however to my surprise the sequel wasn’t half that bad.

The first half of the movie managed to intrigue the audience as to what will happen. The story’s build up was good with elements of a thriller involved. The film makers have managed to level up in the graphics and 3D game. They managed to create a vindictive killer that kills in a ruthless but graphically charged way.

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The movie presents an ethical dilemma in form of Akshay Kumar’s character. The character is said to be inspired by Salim Moizuddin called the Birdman of India. Unlike the character, Salim was a positive personality who served birds throughout his life.

Akshay Kumar(left), Salim Moizuddin (right)

As far as his performance is concerned Akshay has owned his character very well in every shape and size. The part where he is an old ornithologist, his acting is so natural and believable. When he transitions into a supernatural evil bird vigilante he doesn’t disappoint either.

His body language and facial expressions are on par. He manages to make his presence felt. A lot of graphics and makeup went into the looks and get up given to Akshay. All the looks are pretty good whether it is his human version, silver mobile phone cladded look or the gold bird look. He comes into the picture after intermission.

Screenshot from 2.0 trailer youtube

Amy Jackson was a pleasant addition to the movie as Dr Wasi’s robot assistant. Her robot attire was very classy and her role was way more than just a pretty face but she was not given enough dialogues or exposure to make her importance felt!

Rajinikanth, the Tamil superstar, plays Dr Wasi, Chitti and Robot 2.0 as well as Robot 3.0 and he managed to maintain the variation between all these characters.

The film’s music was composed by A.R.Rehman, however the background score didn’t leave any imprint, and pretty much goes unnoticed as the film was too loud and all one can remember is noise. It was surprising that there were no songs during the movie unlike Robot where Aishwarya and Rajinikanth were seen in quite a few songs during the movie. This is one thing that fans might not have wanted to miss. There is only one dance number during the end credits of the movie which has been picturized on Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson.

They also toned down the romance element in the film, with just slight hints here and there. While the first half was strong in terms of content the movie lost momentum in the second half. It was dragged, especially the fight sequences. The plot of the movie is good as it focuses on the repercussions of radiations from the excessive use of technology on the ecosystem.

However it only holds it own till 10 minutes after the intermission. After which Chitti and the others manage to capture Pakshirajan and put a cap on the crisis at hand. The writers decided to hit the reset button which is extremely unnecessary and the movie loses its appeal.

Suffice to say what made this one better was the visual effects, which seemed straight out of a Hollywood movie. They say third time is a charm, maybe for the third one they will get all the elements right!


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