game of thrones season 8 trailer

The sensational series Game of Thrones are coming to an end. The series have millions of fans across the globe. The series have truly been one of a kind show. However after seven brilliant seasons, Got has disappointed fans with its season 8. Many fun memes have emerged regarding the many blunders GOT season 8 has made. As the season inches closer to its culmination, here are 15 amusing GOT memes that will leave you amused!

Confirmed: Robert Pattinson is the new batman in Matt Reeves film

15. Only one episode left. Make it happen plz!

14. Where have we seen this before.

13. The Baratheons send their regards

12. GOT fans are crazy!!

Loki Series To Feature Captain America?

11. Fans did not take Dany’s Mad Queen role that well

10.  That’s Our Queen!

9. Maybe she had her pods on.

8. Ser Davos is Awesome!

 7. What exactly has Bran done?

John Wick 3 Beats Avengers Endgame!

6. Best for beating traffic and dead bodies

5. You never know

4. Stop acting like a kid Aegon and take your throne!

3. Bobby B was the best King. Who would have thought of that

2.The Hound! Nuff Said


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