The live action adaption of The Lion King has been in the works and the film’s trailer dropped yesterday. Trailer’s hype took social media by storm. Fans can not stop gushing over it. The photoreal animations of the film are bewitching as the movie incorporates live action. It appears to be one of the most beautiful and visually stunning trailers.

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The trailer was only 119 seconds long and we instantly fall in love with the cub Simba who looks adorable in the trailer. The graphics of the trailer are extremely realistic. Disney has created something out of the world.

Lets’s take a look at 10 moments from the trailer where Simba and the team had our hearts!

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1.In the first scene, we see Simba and Nala walking in the ruins while they have their backs towards the camera. The visuals are brilliant and the whole dark barren setting looks extremely realistic. This is easily one of the most beautiful, realistic and stunning scenes of the trailer. Kudos to the graphics’ team of Disney.

2. Then we get to see Simba’s face. Even though it looks dark due to the shadows but his expressions are beautifully depicted in this scene which makes it an extremely well done scene.

3. In the next scene we see Simba walking behind his father Mufasa, climbing up the rock. The visuals of this scene are not only realistic but the settings are also extremely beautiful. We see rays of the setting sun falling on the rock. The scene has many small details to it which makes it one of the best scenes of the trailer.

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4. Following the long shot, we see a close shot from the front which is even more stunning. Simba walks up to his father and his realistic expressions are mind blowing. The whole frame looks reddish indicating that the sun is setting. The hilly scenery behind them makes the scene look even more beautiful.

5. We then saw one of the cutest moment of the trailer i.e. Simba practicing catching a fly. In that shot, we see a closeup of Simba’s eyes and we instantly love his expressions which are firm and calm. The scene melts you instantly.

6. We later see one of our favorite characters Zazu alongside Simba in one frame and it is just a treat for the eyes. Simba’s fitting expressions and the settings are so beautiful that one just falls in love with this moment.

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7. We also see a series of shots where Simba steps on the footsteps of his father and feels pride in it. The look on his face once he steps on those foot prints is just price less. This one also one of the cutest scenes of the trailer.

8. We then see Scar and Simba in front of each other. This is probably the scene where Simba runs away, even though Simba is shown from behind but the body language of the cub is just too good. This shot really deserves a huge round of applause. The visual team has done remarkable work.

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9. Then we are shown another front and close shot of Simba from the above mentioned moment. His expressions are just too good. His eyes speak volumes while his body language make it look extremely realistic.

10. Last but not the least, there is a long shot where we see the sun setting. Simba and Nala are following Mufasa and this scene warms your heart. The color grading of the shot is also extremely brilliant.

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After all these beautiful moments from The Lion King, one just can’t wait for this bonanza to hit screens. Film is releasing on 19th July and will definitely take the whole boxoffice by hurricane.

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