Tuesday Drama Guide: Saheefa Jabbar & Fahad Mirza secure the top position with Beti

12 February Tuesday Dramas:

Another Tuesday, another tough decision to be made! Beti, Kam Zarf and Meray Humdum keep setting the bar high for themselves and for each other, and so it’s a given that the competition is pretty tough! Each drama stars some excellent actors and are made by a crew that has previously worked on very successful projects. But how did these dramas fare this week and which one won? Read on to find out!

Beti (ARY) IDream Production

Finally we got the karma for Mariam! Although she doesn’t have custody of her daughter as of yet, she does begin to fight for justice in the courts finally. Azhar gets a job but finds out that Mariam is his boss in his new work place; the moment where he finds this out is probably our favorite moments from the drama. Taimoor, in an attempt to get some money on the side, offers Mariam her daughter back for a huge sum of money. Azhar’s new wife Naila treats Mariam’s daughter really badly and suspects Azhar of still being in love with Mariam. Overall, the writers of the drama introduce many new twists each week to keep us on the hook, and it is done pretty well. Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is gorgeous as Mariam and blows us away every time with her performance!

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

This episode was a roller coaster! Firstly, Azar decides to take Fozia with him to an office party, but things go downhill. Nimra, the girl Azar in love with, shows up with her husband and ruins everything. Fozia finds out about the entire relation between Azar and Nimra, but for some reason Azar gets more enraged even though it is his own fault. When they return, he throws a fit in front of Aima about Fozia which of course leads to Aima blaming Fozia for everything. The only good people are Mona and Asim, the younger siblings and who are also the smarter ones. My favorite is definitely Mona who seems the most rational of all; her side story in her university was also far more interesting and fun to watch. Kam Zarf does have a relatively well-written story but most of the characters, even the main protagonist Fozia, become so unlikeable due to their lack of intelligence. It comes to a point where we sympathize more with Aima rather than Fozia. The trope of the helpless woman is quite overplayed by now.

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

Our last drama of the day, Meray Humdam, also dropped another bomb on us. Warda and Haris happily get married and on their wedding night, Haris gets a call out of nowhere about a friend who’s in the hospital. He rushes off immediately leaving Warda with Osama. This of course is not taken lightly by Warda who begins to doubt everything. And then we find out that the mysterious friend who got in an accident is actually a girl in love with Haris who tries to commit suicide after finding out Haris was getting married. The conversation between them reveals how toxic they actually are for each other. But Warda does not know this, and neither does Osama. The end of the episode hinted at a possible love interest of Osama being Warda’s younger sister. We thought this episode was adequate enough, and Sarah Khan shined in this episode alongside Gohar Mumtaz. Hopefully, the talented cast will put their acting prowess to good use.


And our winner for this week is Beti! The reason for its success is clear enough: it has taken a crucial flaw in our society and highlighted it with excellent storytelling and acting. It is rare that dramas treat social issues delicately and Beti has done just that. The other two dramas are definitely worth checking out as well though as they very equally well-made. But Beti definitely stands out.

What were your thoughts on these dramas?

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