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Veena Malik is back “tear-off” with on the floor in the middle of a controversy, this time to see Katrina Kaif in a new movie. Following the rejection of a number of roles in Bollywood, the actress accepted in Pakistan, a theme song titled   “Article Channa bomb.” However, critics believe that his image is almost identical to the last British actress Katrina Kaif India”Chikni Chameli”. Stills of the film were called “remembers uncomfortable” Photo Kaif is the first option “Agneepath” in Indiatoday, reports the Mirror. Critics have speculated that the similarities in clothing, hair, makeup and the environment are a public relations trick, to generate more coverage on line star naked FHM photo shoot! But Malik said that Channa was “different” is what convinced her to expect that the film that comes on the market 3February 2012 agree.

“From the style and start with the music and choreography, everything in this sequence number different,” he said quoted as saying was. “That’s why I chose this theme song,” he said. Besides the hot dress, the actress also has a Nathani, a nose ring in Pakistan, which included his appearance, his own desire. “Nathan is a very important reason, inPakistan and is a very beautiful,” he said. “So my request to be added to my eyes looks big,” he added.

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