Other than the mega release of Zero and Simmba Christmas period also saw the release of Bumblebee. Wave of Zero and Simmba is all over and 3 Bahadur 3 is doing strong business too. 3 Bahadur 3 actually collides with the target audience of Bumblebee. Despite these factors, film has actually managed to come out […]

This Christmas and New Year is looking grand at boxoffice as many big films are gearing up for release in Pakistan. First one is the most anticipated film of 2018 i.e. Zero. Zero is set to hit screens on 21st December along with biggies like Aquaman and Bumblebee. Then Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty collaboration […]

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Bumblebee is another take on transformers, however it looks like it is only Bumblebee up against the enemy autobots and the miltary. Bumblebee is found by an 18 year old girl Charlie (Hailee Stienfiled) who sticks with him to help fight this war. The movie also stars John Cena.