Paula Deen Diabetes Diagnosis

paula deen 225x300 Paula Deen Diabetes DiagnosisPaula Deen was born in January 19, 1947. She is an American cook, author, actress, cooking show host and Emmy Award winning television personality. On Tuesday, celebrity chef and Food Network star Paula Deen announced on the today show that she was diagnosed with type 2 in 2008.

Her kitchen has good reputation for the healthy and fat people. Huff Post Food pointed out that just a few healthy and delicious recipes, included fried stuffing on a stick, ribs casserole and red velvet cake. Some people believe she has responsibilities to model healthier behaviors for her customers.

Rumors about her condition have spread for years. They swelled over the weekend after NBC teased her appearance on herself, and were greeted with emphatic “told-you-sos” from Internet comment. “No doubt she has diabetes,” tweeted Jennifer Euro, who lives in Franklin, Va., during Monday’s broadcast of “Paula’s Home Cooking.” (Ms. Deen was discussing what kind of breadsticks might pair well with bacon cheese fries.)

The “Kitchen Confidential” author is presumably pissed that Deen — who built an empire off her high-fat, high-sugar recipes and announced she has diabetes … and revealed she’s become a paid for a diabetes medication.  She knew about her diabetes for years, but she continued to hock her recipes on her Food Network cooking show. Here are a few tips from the American Diabetic Association that clear up some of the myths about eating with diabetes. Of course, it’s imperative to talk to a doctor about an appropriate treatment plan for you.

A small cookie is perfect instead of having dessert every night. It’s worth noting that “sugar free” dessert options can also be damaging. That’s because the sweets are made with sugar alcohols, a type of artificial sweetener also stimulate blood glucose levels, though to a lesser extent than real sugar. That means a sugar-free candy can still cause a spike in blood sugar levels.
Sugar can sound healthful, but often have a great deal of calories from carbohydrates and fat. The American Diabetes Association recommends foods that have more than five grams of sugar alcohols.

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