We recently saw the release of Pinky Memsaab on 7th December. Film’s trailer appeared intriguing but the makers failed to promote the film effectively, as the film saw a low turnout. Later, as bad reviews flooded in, the film’s business has been suffering. It garnered a poor response at boxoffice. The film has been rejected […]

Donkey King an animated film for both children and adults has performed phenomenally at the boxoffice. The film has wrapped its 8 weeks in cinema and it is still going strong! The charismatic movie raked in  20 crore by 6th week of its running. This was a huge benchmark established by any movie in industry. The […]

Written by: Zanjabeel aslam shah Produced by: Fahad mustafa, Dr. Ali kazmi Directed by: Badar mehmood   Bala has left its mark on its audience from the very beginning. The character of nigaar is a true depiction of evil. A character who is beyond redemption and even after doing so many bad deeds doesn’t feel […]

We have been updating you on 2.0’s boxoffice collection in Pakistan. The film is chasing Baahubali 2’s numbers in Pakistan and may even beat it if it manages to collect 5cr by the end of this week. So far the movie has been showing potential and growing steadily with a variation on Wednesday. It held well […]

Mortal Engines is a thrilling Sci-fi movie by Peter Jackson. The visual effects are extremely impressive needless to say that they are quite intriguing. The movie is about a girl trying to exact revenge on the person who killed her mother. The second half of the movie further unfolds Valentine’s plan to use a machine to destroy […]

  Pinky Memsaab has failed to deliver. The movie that was thought to be of substance came out as hollow. As the trailer was released, we all thought we were in for some quality entertainment. The trailer promised us a powerful narrative. The trailer depicted the journey of two women who would discover themselves through […]

Epk has previously informed you about the upcoming film festival that will be featuring Pakistani films in India. The festival which has been arranged by South Asian Forum for Art and creative heritage is now called, “Indus Valley International film festival” Read More: Pakistani films to be screened in India  We are back with updates […]

Laal kabootar has been helmed by Kamal Khan. The film has been produced by Hania Chima and Kamil Chima. The upcoming film is shedding light on the criminal activities that take place in the streets of Karachi, a theme which has been long due. It is a thriller and a crime based drama, which is […]